Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gay Dads & New Moms Over 40 -- the Interview

I am thrilled to announce that yours truly was featured this weekend on the wonderful blog "Flower Power Mom".  Flower Power Mom is a blog for and about the growing number of women who have children after age 40, and the unique challenges that they face as mothers.  It is written by the estimable Angel La Liberte, a published author and media commentator widely sought to provide her experience and expertise on this fascinating subject. 

After seeing the Gaddy Daddy website, Angel came up with the insightful realization that gay men having kids and women over 40 having kids actually have a lot in common.  After giving it some thought, I completely agreed, and Angel asked me if she could interview me for a post on her site about this unexpected connection.  Of course I agreed, and the result is a post she created that is now up on her site, provocatively entitled: "Gay Dad Defends Moms Over 40."  I think she did an amazing job synthesising my rambling thoughts into a coherent narrative that I think you all will enjoy. 

Please check it out.  If you are as happy with the results as I am, be sure to leave a comment on Angel's site letting her know!  I'm also adding Flower Power Mom to my blogroll because her site is chock full of great, informative posts that I plan to keep following, and encourage you all to do the same.

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